Natalie Favaloro



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Natalie is an artist, designer and maker wishing not to be defined by only one artistic discipline. Starting off her artistic career as a theatre designer, she has worked on different types of productions, both as a crew-member and as a designer.

Natalie is interested in philosophical and psychological topics, which always find their way into her concepts and visual language. Her more recent work moves away from theatre and into the visual arts, reviving her love for collage art. She recently put on and exhibited work alongside fellow artist, and dear friend, Martha Lamont. They put on the show to raise awareness for a lesser known mental health condition called Pure-O, a sub-type of OCD. The event was created to educate and break the stigma that surrounds OCD and to also show how art can be used as a form of therapy and as a way of communicating emotions that would otherwise be difficult to explain through language.

In this exhibition, Natalie’s work takes on an abstract approach to the subject, focusing on the intense emotions that an OCD sufferer experiences. These emotions often feel discombobulated and nonsensical, and this is why Natalie uses textures and mark making to depict the chaos she feels. Most of the pieces were made by the use of mono prints that she has created, which she feels already show her strong internal emotions, unrest and melancholy. Natalie often works instinctively, which is why her process is fast and manic; ripping and crushing up the prints, a method that mimics the energy and speed of her anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

Following from this exhibition, Natalie wishes to continue making work related to mental health and awareness and to continue to push the boundaries of her work, both in terms of materials and conceptually. 

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