Artist Statement

Natalie is an eclectic artist, designer and maker, wishing not to be defined by only one artistic discipline. She has many different interests and enjoys using multiple tools, materials and processes, in a wide range of settings. This constant flux of interests and experimentation demonstrates not only her versatility and adaptability, but it is also a reflection of how she uses art and creativity; it serves as a healing and therapeutic tool for herself. She uses it to express emotions that would otherwise be difficult to explain through language. For her, each artistic medium conveys different mental states, so she constantly changes her process and materials according to what emotions she wants to express. It also serves as a communication tool with the world around her and how that, in turn, affects her inner world and emotional state.

Natalie is innately interested in philosophical, psychological and sociological topics, which always find their way into her concepts and visual language. She often works instinctively, trying to let her mind and body flow freely. It is in this introspective, spontaneous and unrestrained way, that she is able to communicate with her subconscious. It becomes a dialogue, a friend, even if tackling difficult emotions.




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